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Lineage 2

12 November, 2014: 2x2 Tourney with gear provided will be held by GM Rondo

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Tournament time 22:00 moscow.

2x2, self team


Tourney Rules:

1. Players who lost the match could either be moved to spectators or leave the arena. If a player refused to fight with any specific rival they are disqualified and can either move to spectators or leave.

2. At the arena its strictly forbidden to:
2.1 Use stealing
2.2 Attack other players
2.3 Cast any spells other than Night Sight.
2.4 Marking runes!
2.5 Opening Gate Travel
2.6 Flooding with repetitive messages.
2.7 Using speech macroses.
2.8 Swearing of any kind.
2.9 Disrupt the normal operation of Staff Members!
2.10 Killing other spectators.
2.11 Insult other players or staff.

3. Any decisions made by the staff are final and not to be disputed.
4. Questions and inquiries irrelevant to the tourney should be addressed via GM page system rather than asked directly.
5. All the directions given by Game Masters should be indisputably followed.
6. You may start buffs as log as the barriar appears. The battle only starts when the barrier lowers and Game Master orders a Go Go command. You may not attack or enable battle mode before that.
7. Rules based on types of tournaments:
Provided equipment tourneys

Its prohibited to:
7.1 Use a area of effect spells that can damage 2 or more people.
7.2 You can't use any necro spells (codex damnorum).
7.3 Summon any creatures.
7.4 Use explosion potions.
7.5 Use hiding skill.
7.6 You may not kill your team mate (though usually you can't do that). - or switch sides during the battle.
8. If a duel with 2 participants PP, PP and Warrior, Ranger vs Ranger, Mage vs Mage, takes too long Game Master may announce a No Heal commands which means you can't heal by any means available to you.
Do come with your own team mates!



Prize fund:

1st place - 2 Prize Point, a rare ostard, 250 pagan reagents, and a memorable statuette, or any kind of memorable trinket (a newbie rare item, a piece of house furniture et cetera).
2nd place - 1 Prize Point, a rare colored llama, 250 pagan reagents, a memorable statuette, and any other memento prize.(a newbie rare item, a piece of house furniture, et cetera).
3rd place - 1/2 Prize point, a rare colored horse, 250 pagan reagents, a memorable statuette, and again some minor token such as a piece of house furniture or some newbie vanity item.


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